INTA report: Day 2

The IPKat's second breakfast of the day coincided with the INTA Professors' Breakfast Meeting. Although the breakfast was conducted...
- 23:46:00
INTA report: Day 2 INTA report: Day 2 Reviewed by Jeremy on 23:46:00 Rating: 5

PPL laments 'copyright gap'

The Times reports on an album that is being distributed to MPs to highlight the fact that the performers’ rights are going to expire on a ...
- 10:59:00
PPL laments 'copyright gap' PPL laments 'copyright gap' Reviewed by Unknown on 10:59:00 Rating: 5

INTA report: Day 1

This year's International Trademark Association (INTA) Meeting , ostensibly its 129th (though most of its predecessors were under the na...
- 04:19:00
INTA report: Day 1 INTA report: Day 1 Reviewed by Jeremy on 04:19:00 Rating: 5
Monsanto's GM Soya Patent Appeal Monsanto's GM Soya Patent Appeal Reviewed by David on 13:00:00 Rating: 5

Bits and bobs

The IPKat is delighted to announce that team blogger Jo Gibson has been elevated to the exalted rank of Professor at the Queen Mary Intellec...
- 03:38:00
Bits and bobs Bits and bobs Reviewed by Jeremy on 03:38:00 Rating: 5
Parallel Trade in Europe, fun in Gresham Street Parallel Trade in Europe, fun in Gresham Street Reviewed by Jeremy on 21:28:00 Rating: 5
Copyright trading floor launched Copyright trading floor launched Reviewed by Unknown on 17:36:00 Rating: 5

Kat on the run ...

Following his attempt to pass himself off as a serious athlete at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Meeting last year, IPKat t...
- 06:49:00
Kat on the run ... Kat on the run ... Reviewed by Jeremy on 06:49:00 Rating: 5

Two bumper ECJ rulings

The two big trade mark decisions of the European Court of Justice today have been a little overshadowed by the festivities for World Intell...
- 16:28:00
Two bumper ECJ rulings Two bumper ECJ rulings Reviewed by Jeremy on 16:28:00 Rating: 5

Happy birthday, Sir Robin!

This most auspicious date is more than merely World Intellectual Property Day, the IPKat is pleased to inform his readers. Let us salute ou...
- 12:01:00
Happy birthday, Sir Robin! Happy birthday, Sir Robin! Reviewed by Jeremy on 12:01:00 Rating: 5
Cloning breakthrough announced for World IP Day Cloning breakthrough announced for World IP Day Reviewed by Jeremy on 00:01:00 Rating: 5

Take a letter Michele

The IPKat has learnt about a slightly odd little decision of Mr Hearing Officer Landau, from (what was then) the UK Patent Office. In a n...
- 18:32:00
Take a letter Michele Take a letter Michele Reviewed by Unknown on 18:32:00 Rating: 5
Patents, damages, revocation and estoppel Patents, damages, revocation and estoppel Reviewed by Jeremy on 13:22:00 Rating: 5
Trade Marks in Europe: a Practical Jurisprudence Trade Marks in Europe: a Practical Jurisprudence Reviewed by Jeremy on 22:58:00 Rating: 5

Latest ETMR

Thanks to global warming the darling buds of May have been greatly in evidence this April. Legal publishers Sweet & Maxwell have also...
- 16:37:00
Latest ETMR Latest ETMR Reviewed by Jeremy on 16:37:00 Rating: 5

UN copycats?

One can have too much of a good thing. 26 April may be World Intellectual Property Day, but the IPKat has learnt that 23 April is the 12th W...
- 20:26:00
UN copycats? UN copycats? Reviewed by Unknown on 20:26:00 Rating: 5

Roland Grossenbacher speaks

Intellectual Property Watch reports that the chairman of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office has been expressing a ...
- 13:45:00
Roland Grossenbacher speaks Roland Grossenbacher speaks Reviewed by David on 13:45:00 Rating: 5

Keep taking the tablets

The IPKat notes that the ECJ will be delivering its judgment in the Boehringer Ingelheim parallel importation case this Thurusday. In this ...
- 11:31:00
Keep taking the tablets Keep taking the tablets Reviewed by Unknown on 11:31:00 Rating: 5
Big, grey and deadly earnest Big, grey and deadly earnest Reviewed by Jeremy on 11:17:00 Rating: 5

Copyright extradition

The IPKat has learnt from TorrentFreak that Hew Raymond Griffiths, the leader of warez site DrinkorDie has pleaded guilty to “conspiracy t...
- 01:03:00
Copyright extradition Copyright extradition Reviewed by Unknown on 01:03:00 Rating: 5
This week's patent news in numbers This week's patent news in numbers Reviewed by David on 19:00:00 Rating: 5
Securitisation of IP rights - an update Securitisation of IP rights  -  an update Reviewed by Jeremy on 23:03:00 Rating: 5

Friday frivolities

Friday 13th may be unlucky for some folk, but not for trolls, it seems. Back in 2005 in Troll Company A/S v Uneeda Doll Company Ltd Danish ...
- 16:50:00
Friday frivolities Friday frivolities Reviewed by Jeremy on 16:50:00 Rating: 5
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